Daily Live COVID-19 Pandemic Wave Progression


Blue curves: ratio of known COVID-19 cases to recovered patients. This ratio tends to close to 1.0 over time and therefore gives an indication of when the “wave” has passed. We suggest that when a country enters the highlighted green zone, things will begin to improve. Note that most countries follow the same pattern, with the curve turning downwards after a maximum of around 100-500 has been reached. Note in the world panel (top left) that there is currently a second global wave under way. Red curves: daily deaths (72hr average.) Green bar: When a country has passed this, it has overcome the most recent outbreak. Note, some countries can have more than one outbreak due to poor health infrastructure or management. Estimate for overcoming most recent outbreak given in green text.

All data is for educational/academic purposes only. All data is available through JHU.

Correspondence: Alexander Hasson & Prof. Dan Nicolau, School of Mathematical Sciences, QUT.

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